Associate Creative Director
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Some people love to hear themselves talk, especially when they have nothing to say. So to drive brand awareness on April Fools, we set out to give an ego-filled industry an overdose of its own Kool-Aid.

-- Featured on Fast Company, USA Today, Time, Mashable, Condé Nast, PopSugar, CBS, Adweek
-- 255,000 video views and 250 million impressions in 24 hours

With no paid media, this jab at corporate bullshit earned an ad equivalency value of nearly $4 million. And because we say things like ad equivalency value, we made sure to poke fun at our own bullshit with a site dedicated to fictional creative agency N_Fuzion.

Director: Evan Mann, Otherworldly Productions
Executive Creative Director: Rob Reed
Copywriter: Joe Bianco